Introducing the first ever Radiology Innovation Unit embracing all modalities. 

The Objective

The purpose of Radiology Innovation Unit, launched in August 2017, is to strengthen development work centrally in clinical practice. This is done by adding expert competencies within organizational innovation and concept development from external specialists, thereby enhancing the ability of the health professionals to quickly and accurately innovate, test and implement clinical as well as organizational measures for patients and staff far faster than is normally possible or prioritized at hospitals at home and abroad.


Radiology Department, OUH, Denmark already perform research and development at international high level, and based on these activities, and in addition, brand new initiatives in e.g. Interventional Radiology with minimal invasive surgery combined with cross organizational cooperation. The innovation team is going to initiate breakthrough projects that introduce AI, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality to use in clinical practice with the patient up front and with focus on fast track diagnostic and minimal invasive treatment.

More information

Results will be presented on a regular basis, and information will be provided on ongoing projects and development activities.
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Contact Person at Radiology Department, OUH

Ole Graumann
MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiology, OUH
Head of section and the Radiology Innovation Unit