Rethinking CT-scan procedures/flows at Aarhus University Hospital.

The Objective

In order to bring the organisation’s own ability to innovate to a level that creates the optimal conditions for coherent clinical services of high quality and efficiency, a development project was launched to develop an inter-institutional staff-centred innovation platform at Aarhus University Hospital.


In cooperation with senior management, Conceptmaking developed a new approach to innovation for the hospital. Through working with concrete cases, the organisation’s development- and HR staff were introduced to and trained in applying new concept development methods and organizational innovation tools directly to concrete clinical challenges.

The first case in the project was called “Images.” The focus of “Images” was to create prototypical solutions to a specific challenge: “How can cooperation in the area of diagnostic imaging between the clinical departments and the radiology departments be developed to ensure that patients receive efficient, timely treatment.”


Senior consultant doctors from Aarhus University Hospital all report significant improvements in the CT scanning area since the solutions developed by staff have been implemented. In fact, the the project has already reduced the average response time on X-ray examinations by 50%.