Herlev CT Innovation Unit

A Public-Private Innovation setup with enormous potential. 

The Objective

The radiology department at Herlev & Gentofte Hospital and Siemens Healthineers asked for assistance on two main issues: help us design and run the CT Innovation Unit and that with focus on the strategically, tactically and operational challenges/possibilities – and strengthening the collaborative work culture and work processes of the department and across the hospital.


Advanced health technologies are often developed far from everyday clinical practice and without direct involvement of users or patients, and the public-private collaboration between Siemens Healthineers and Herlev & Gentofte Hospital was developed to tackle that challenge.

A continuous, targeted innovative public/ private collaboration in the clinical environment supports new effective radical development processes which ensure the focus on patients needs and breakthrough development and test of new technologies, organizational optimized workflows etc.


A full functional CT Innovation Unit and thereby a supporting organizational setup, high-tech Siemens SOMATOM Force innovation CT scanner sponsored by A.P. Møller Foundation, and not least a more holistic understanding of roles, responsibilities around innovation directly in clinical context.

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”Innovation is core delivery with us and thinking outside the box is an organizational ressource. Jarl is an experienced innovator in practice – not just a speaker. The Innovation Unit at Herlev Hospital has greatly benefitted from his constructive craziness promoting our professional curiosity. Conceptmaking has provided us with the midwifery needed in the birth of our unique Innovation Unit in the middle of the Department of Radiology, in our mission to create needs and user driven innovation within the clinical setting. Conceptmaking has helped professionalize the units infancy with competent guidance, structuring, progress monitoring and methodology. Constantly pushing us to rethink, aim higher, look beyond and adapting a proactive role as also organizational innovators, to dare challenge across silos and install visions of beautiful new ways and technology”.

Michel Chr. Nemery, chief physician, Radiologisk Afdeling, Herlev og Gentofte Hospital

"Conceptmaking has been an innovative partner to help Siemens implement an exciting new co-innovation framework. Their framework has the ability to scale across business areas, technologies and customer types. Their skills to adapt to different needs are outstanding".

Jason Aroesty, Senior Vice President, Northwest Europe Region, Siemens Healthineers