How to rethink a company’s ability to innovate?

The Objective

Vestas Global Research needed to involve VP's in forming the future innovation mindset.


The aim of the project was to create a radically innovative development process which would motivate selected Vestas Vice Presidents to rethink the company’s ability to innovate. The process we developed challenged participants’ own innovative mindset, move them out of their comfort zone and create a new platform for concept development through a demanding process of co-creation.


A new platform for concept development and co-creation on Vice President level.


“Conceptmaking was engaged to develop and launch a new innovation paradigme together with the management team of Vestas Global Research & Innovation. With a very powerful performance Conceptmaking took a strong lead in this process – bringing outstanding ideas and framework, managing the organization and executing the program. This effort was very successful – and later the same year Vestas was appointed most innovative company of the year, by acclaimed nordic political and business think tank ‘Mandag Morgen’.

Given the way that Conceptmaking drove a highly innovative, cross collaborative and challenging process – and with the strong personal presence of Jarl Christensen himself – Conceptmaking certainly deserves big credits for this great result.”

René Balle, Vice President Global Research & Innovation at Vestas