Co-creation with 4 regions, 6 hospitals and their respective emergency wards

The Objective

The aim of the project was to exploit the synergies and potential for development that emerge when six emergency wards unite – with their diverse experiences, perspectives and expertise – to meet a shared challenge: creating, managing and operating an emergency ward.


Not only did the six existing emergency wards have different, unique set-ups – by virtue of their buildings, equipment, personnel, culture and other factors – they all also found themselves at different stages of the process of transitioning from a traditional, hierarchical managerial structure to a matrix organisation involving new professions and forms of expertise and more interdisciplinary functions.

While some of these emergency wards were still in the planning phase, others was already trying out new forms in practice and had gained some initial experiences. In our view, this diversity has great value in the context of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing. The development process took its point of departure in the specific local challenges faced by the hospitals involved in connection with the management and organisation of an emergency ward


Concrete initiatives was initiated as a consequence of the process and implemented in practice after its conclusion. A thorough report was prepared together with KORA and by that knowledge and results that are applicable more generally – could provide value across the country’s regions and hospitals.

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