Innovation Fund Denmark supports the Zurface IoT nudging system at OUH

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To reduce the spread of infection, the smartest solution is not necessarily to increase the amount of conventional cleaning and the number of robots that support that activity. The IoT nudging project at Odense University Hospital, supported by Innovation Foundation Denmark, wants to test the potential of supplementing the conventional cleaning with digitally coordinated cleaning of critical contact surfaces as they become contaminated.
The focus is on engaging healthcare professionals, to contribute these very time-limited hygiene activities throughout the day, in order to get “the many” to contribute with small and particularly effective efforts, with proper remedies, at the right place and time.
The project also wants to investigate, and thus start the dialogue about, using digital IoT systems in the effort of reducing infections on hospitals.
The technology solution was also part of the Patient @ Home program, and in this context, it has been assessed from the SIM Review Business Validation Model to have “Huge potential impact on staff absence and MRSA infection level reduction” (Kevin Dean, UK).