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Concept Design

Our expertise is the ability to work multidisciplinary with abstract and strategic challenges and deliver disruptive solutions, in co-creation with you.

Our approach involves breathing life into the innovative capacity that already exists in every organisation, and by that fuelling the capability to continue developing internally – but also securing ownership from inside.


Our Services

Talks & Lectures

We are able to inspire your organisation with new insights on how to work with market disruption and how to embrace the exponential technologies. We are also happy to share concrete experiences on how to co-create in large organizations!

Concept Design

What is your next product or service? Maybe it is even a combination of both? Invent, Improve or Die. That sounds super annoying, we know… but hey you know that’s how things work!

Organisational Development

How often does anyone succeed in introducing a new product, reinventing an existing service or designing a new organizational setup without seriously involving internal organization and the customers?

Our Approach

Don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle!

Ideas must be developed, tested and evaluated among the people who they will affect in their daily practice.

Zoom in, Zoom out

Think and act strategically, tactically and operationally.


There is a difference between what people say and what they do. And their dreams require completely different tools to understand.

Problem & Solution

We believe that “the problem and the solution has the same DNA”.


What people say

”Innovation is core delivery with us and thinking outside the box is an organizational ressource. Jarl is an experienced innovator in practice – not just a speaker. The Innovation Unit at Herlev Hospital has greatly benefitted from his constructive craziness promoting our professional curiosity. Conceptmaking has provided us with the midwifery needed in the birth of our unique Innovation Unit in the middle of the Department of Radiology, in our mission to create needs and user driven innovation within the clinical setting. Conceptmaking has helped professionalize the units infancy with competent guidance, structuring, progress monitoring and methodology. Constantly pushing us to rethink, aim higher, look beyond and adapting a proactive role as also organizational innovators, to dare challenge across silos and install visions of beautiful new ways and technology”.

Michel Némery Chief Physician, Radiologisk Afdeling, Herlev og Gentofte Hospital

“Varied ways of working, solid preparation and infectious enthusiasm got participants engaged, and a number of departments have since reported that their participating staff members returned “home” with enthusiasm, ideas and a positive attitude about the challenges of the future”

Kaspar Bo Laursen User Coordinator and Project Manager, The New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU)

“Conceptmaking was engaged to develop and launch a new innovation paradigme together with the management team of Vestas Global Research & Innovation. With a very powerful performance Conceptmaking took a strong lead in this process – bringing outstanding ideas and framework, managing the organization and executing the program. This effort was very successful – and later the same year Vestas was appointed most innovative company of the year, by acclaimed nordic political and business think tank ‘Mandag Morgen”

René Balle Vice President Global Research & Innovation at Vestas

“Conceptmaking has been an innovative partner to help Siemens implement an exciting new co-innovation framework. Their framework has the ability to scale across business areas, technologies and customer types. Their skills to adapt to different needs are outstanding”

Jason Aroesty Senior Vice President, Northwest Europe Region, Siemens Healthineers

“Conceptmaking has been successful in assisting Schneider Electric with a transforming of the service offering from traditional analogue service to digital services. We have experienced a very fast ability, from Conceptmaking, to understand the core business, challenge our strategy and push our boundaries. In only six month Jarl Christensen, and an a newly appointed development team, managed to build a minimal viable product together with our local representatives and customers. That MVP became the first important step towards offering service as a software solution”

Søren Brogaard Jensen Vice President, Schneider Electric

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